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Our proven Debt Resolution Program has assisted folks just like you to finally become debt-free using a debt settlement agreement.

Debt consolidation and settlement are powerful alternatives to negotiate with your creditors to pay off your debts quicker and often for less than what you originally owed. The idea behind debt settlement is simple but it will still take hard work and expertise to navigate the maze of creditors to achieve it in the shortest time possible.

To successfully complete the program that will allow you to settle your debts, we will work hand in hand with you using our team of experts and your commitment to the program. We come up with an individualized and actionable plan that often allows you to lower your monthly payment. A special Purpose Saving account is set up and the money saved in this account is used to negotiate settlements with your creditors. Often the settlement is significantly less than what was originally owed.

This process is a 50/50 partnership. As you save money in the savings account and the money accumulates, we can use those funds to work out settlements with your creditors. Beware, it is not unusual for several months to pass before creditors are willing to negotiate seriously. As individual settlements are reached with each creditor, you lower your total debt and get one step closers to living with less stress and a debt-free life.

How our process works

step 1

Schedule a free debt consultation
It all starts with a risk-free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experts. Our specialists will guide you through the process, help you choose your best option including debt consolidation, answer all your questions, and craft an individualized program customized for your particular circumstances

Step 2

You start saving
You start funding the Special Purpose Saving Account. This step is critical. We will tailor a savings plan with you that will allow you to continue to pay your bills and fund your savings account but if the account is not funded, we will not be able to continue forward.

Step 3

We go to work
From the moment you commit to working with us, our expert negotiators go to work contacting your creditors and start working with them to lower your debt.

step 4

Settle your debt
As your savings account is funded and your creditors agree to settle your account, we finalize the settlement agreement with each one of your creditors.

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